Our art therapy service in the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital began in 2014, providing open group art therapy support to the rheumatology clinic twice each month.

Most parents join their children at the art table, with the average time spent being around 15-20 minutes. When asked "How did you feel after doing art with Teapot Trust?", three quarters of children responded that they felt much better. 

Below, some of the parents of children who use the open group table expand on the impact that this service has had on their family and hospital experience: 

"My son attended an outpatient clinic at the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital yesterday and we met a lovely art therapist there. He did some art before his appointment and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Thanks so much for all your efforts to bring art into the hospital setting."

"My 18-month-old daughter gets regular blood tests and was very apprehensive being back in the waiting room. However, Kate was incredibly sweet talking to her and trying to get her to engage. This kind of interaction at the hospital is truly incredible. I watched Kate interact with other children in such a kind and enthusiastic way, it put me at ease when I’m usually quite anxious for my daughter."