Tips for Children's Wellbeing

Our overall wellbeing is being put to the test in today's climate. Our art therapists have provided some of the following tips for children to follow in today's climate. Parents' wellbeing is equally as important, so information for them can be found here. Here's how you can help children stay positive during isolation:

  1. Use creativity as an outlet and positive distraction. Check out some of the arts and crafts ideas and digital art apps that children can explore at home. You can also follow along with some of our art therapists as they go through different art activities for wellbeing.
  2. Talk to someone if you start to feel overwhelmed. 
  3. Get out and play! Schools may... Have fun!
  4. Toy rotation to keep kids engaged
  5. Stay in touch with family and friends via video chat. For young children, here are some great tips to maximise screen chats.
  6. Take virtual tours. You may not be able to visit all those places children love, but you can stay up to date with developments. For example, check out the animal cams at places like the Edinburgh Zoo. Kids can use this to then create their own animal pictures. 

Educational Resources

The more children understand about the current situation, the easier it may be to help them create positive coping tools. Check out some of the following ways to educate your child about the pandemic. 

  1. There is a lot of varying information out there about Covid-19 and its effects - so much so that it can get confusing, especially for young people. Young Scot is a great resource that lays out more information including ways children can stay occupied at home.
  2. NPR published a comic that is a great way to provide information to young people about the world's current situation.

3. Additionally, the NHS has posted a simple video to show how we can help feel safe. Singing 'Happy Birthday' twice can help children understand how long it takes to remove germs. Check out the video below:

Helpful Apps for Young People

  1. A recommended app, Mindshift CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), has been developed for teens and young adults with anxiety. The app aims to help young people develop healthy habits in relation to their feelings of anxiety. Find more about this app through Google or Apple.

2. Another popular app for stress is Happify which aims to promote effective tools to take control of your thoughts and feelings. You can learn more via Google or Apple

*Please note, these apps have not been tested by us, and each has its own terms and conditions. Please ensure you check age requirements and details before using.