Our art therapists have pulled together some tips on how to support your child's wellbeing. 

Don't forget your wellbeing is equally as important, and we have some helpful tips for parents which  can be found here. 

Art Therapist Tips for Children's Wellbeing

  • InteractionChildren need to connect, so build connections with people around you. Stay in touch with family and friends in person or via video chat. For young children, here are some great tips to maximise screen chats.
  • Energy: Children need to be active, so help boost your energy and mood by doing something active.  
  • MindfulnessChildren need to take notice so encourage curiosity about the world and savour the moment. 
  • Discovery: It's important to keep learning, so learn something new to boost confidence. Consider taking virtual tours - for example, check out the animal cameras at places like the Edinburgh Zoo. Kids can use this to then create their own animal portraits.
  • Be Creative: Of course, we value this one highly! Find time to paint, make, sing or dance on your own or with another person. We've compiled a ton of arts and crafts ideas and highlighted digital art apps that children can explore at home. You can also follow along with some of our art therapists as they go through different art activities for wellbeing, and check out our list of therapeutic art techniques. Champion creativity as an outlet and positive distraction.
  • Play outside: Quality time to be outside can give children opportunities to discover. You can even create art outside. Use our Journey Stick activity for encouragement to explore. Having fun safely will help sustain positivity. 
  • Sensory Play: Children need time to explore and develop all of their senses. Clay or play dough is an excellent way to do this, as shown through some of our videos. Keeping a toy rotation can also keep kids engaged. 
  • Emotional Language: Using descriptive words can help children understand their feelings and emotions. Also, encourage open communication if you start to feel overwhelmed. 
  • Stillness: Our lives are busy and so are our children’s, so it's important to take time to rest by practising activities such as yoga or mindfulness together. Learn different techniques recommended by our art therapists. 
  • Co-exploring: Children have a passion for learning and discovering, which they can be encouraged to do by the adults around
     Even if you've explored your back garden, why not
    do some Google Earth exploring to see what new things you can find in different locations. 
  • Sharing: Doing something nice for someone will give a sense of purpose and self-worth  

Helpful Apps for Young People

1. A recommended app, Mindshift CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), has been developed for teens and young adults with anxiety. The app aims to help young people develop healthy habits in relation to their feelings of anxiety. Find more about this app through Google or Apple.

2. Another popular app for stress is Happify which 
aims to promote effective tools to take control of your thoughts and feelings. You can learn more via Google or Apple

*Please note, that these apps have not been tested by us, and each has its own terms and conditions. Please ensure you check age requirements and details before using.