As articulated in Teapot Trust’s Constitution document, our charitable purpose, main activities and wider impact work are described, below. Please also see our Public Benefit page.

Teapot Trust’s charitable purpose is to enhance the lives of children, young people and their families who are suffering the impact of any chronic or long-term condition, including ‘hidden’ health conditions, e.g.: Rheumatic disease.

Main activities

  1. To provide art therapy and creative wellbeing interventions through which children and young people are supported to explore and express their feelings, build resilience and develop positive coping strategies.

    1. To build a mutually supportive community where connections and relationships are facilitated.

  2. To work within the UK, meeting children, young people and families’ needs in any appropriate setting (including hospitals, mental health facilities, community venues and online) – often in partnership with others.

    1. To best meet these needs, children and young people can be supported individually, with their family members or in small peer support groups, as appropriate.

Wider impact

To promote wider and lasting public benefit within and beyond the charity’s core community of interest:

  1. To improve public and professional understanding of the impact of art therapy – often effective where traditional talking therapies have failed.
  2. To build an evidence base to support advocacy and influencing work at government level.
  3. To work with colleagues in public health for parity between physical and mental health.