Our Donor Promise, available to download here, spells out why and how we fundraise, where our money comes from, how it’s used, and what policies and practices are in place to protect our valued donors and their personal data from risk. If you make a commitment to supporting us, we want to honour that by demonstrating our commitment to you.  Thank you.

Our Donor Promise covers:

  • Why do we fundraise? What’s our core purpose and BIG vision?

  • Where does our money come from? How do we fundraise?

  • How do we seek to be transparent in our fundraising processes?

  • How do we ensure our fundraising is responsible and ethical?

  • How do we ensure money raised is used for the purposes for which it’s given?

  • How do we acknowledge and thank donors appropriately?

  • How would we decide not to accept a gift?

  • How do we encourage and handle feedback?