David attends the open group art therapy group for children with cardiac conditions at Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow. During the sessions David has designed a series of creative board games to play with other children. David's games focus on his greatest super powers; creativity and imagination! David invites you to play one of the games he designed, here is how!

Step 1. Download the zine template and print it off. 

Click here to download the PDF. We would recommend printing this double sided. If you don't have access to a printer don't worry! Skip step 1-3, and jump straight to step 4. 

Step 2. Fold the zine up to be able to read it 

Before you play you might want to read the story behind David's game. To do read this you need to fold the zine to make it into a booklet. You can find out how to fold a zine here. Pretty cool to turn a piece of paper into a book! Now you know how you might want to make your own. 

Step 3. Open it up!

You can now open up the booklet and lay the paper flat, revealing the teapot outline and some tips for playing. 

Step 4. Trace the board and get playing!

If you have printed it off. If you haven't printed it off them just grab a bit of paper and draw the outline of a teapot. Now you have your board! 

Now, get a few people together and start playing. The game only has one rule - be creative! The more creative the better! 

We would love to hear how you get on with David's Game - please email us at [email protected]  to let us know!