This month is Disability Pride Month! Disability Pride month takes place every July, and it is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the Disabled community and have conversations lead by Disabled people.  

How did Disability Pride month start? 

Disability pride month started to mark the passing of laws that made it illegal to discriminate against someone because of disability. In the United Kingdom, the Disability Discrimination Act was passed in 2002 and replaced with the Equalities Act in 2010.  

Over time celebrations marking these laws passing have gone from a day to a whole month, Disability Pride month!  

What is Disability Pride month? 

1 in 5 people in the UK are Disabled, meaning that they live with a condition that affects them mentally and/or physically and has a substantial and long-term negative effect on their daily activities. This includes lots of different things, including many long-term health conditions.  

Often, we hear negative things about being Disabled in the media, but that is not the whole picture at all! Being Disabled is not an inherently bad thing, but the way society treats Disabled people can make that hard to see. Disability pride month challenges this, highlighting that despite societies attitudes towards disability, it is an identity people can be proud of.  

What do the colours in the flag represent? 

The Disability Pride flag was created in 2019 by Ann Magil and the stripe of colours represent the way Disabled people have cut across barriers in society. The different colours represent different types of disabilities, highlighting just how diverse the Disabled community are.  

Image caption: This patch was decorated by Amber as part of the friendship quilt. 

  • Red - Physical disabilities 
  • Gold - Neurodivergence like autism and ADHD 
  • White - Invisible and undiagnosed disabilities 
  • Blue - mental illnesses 
  • Green - Sensory disabilities 
How can I celebrate Disability Pride Month? 

For Disabled people Disability Pride month can be a great time to focus on connecting with community and being yourself! This isn’t always easy for children and young people, especially those living with hidden or less visible conditions. The conversations around Disability Pride month are also a chance to raise awareness of the challenges Disabled people face. You can get involved in these conversations, listening and speaking as feels right.  

You can also celebrate disability pride month creatively! Here are some of our ideas for getting creative this July... 

  • Design a new Disability Pride flag – what would you include on your flag? 
  • Design a sign that you would take to a disability pride march – often these signs have calls to action for change. Would your sign call for change? 
  • Do some creating (writing, painting, whatever feels right!) about what disability pride month means to you – what does it make you think? How does it make you feel?  

If you do any of these creative activities then please share some photos with us. Happy Disability Pride month!