Trustees at Teapot Trust have collective responsibility for: strategic oversight, maintaining standards, legal and regulatory compliance, ensuring proper financial controls and risk management. Trustees provide support in a non-executive capacity, as responsibility for day-to-day management sits with the CEO.

Trustees have a duty to act collectively to deliver the charity’s objects and provide public benefit; reporting annually that they have paid due regard to these duties, to protect the charity’s assets and maintain its solvency and effectiveness. Essential reading for charity trustees is OSCR’s (Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator) guidance, Guidance for Charity Trustees.

At Teapot Trust, we advertise trustee vacancies on a number of websites including ACOSVO and Good Moves.

Induction includes:

  • dialogue with the Chair and CEO
  • an opportunity to meet the staff team
  • visits to hospitals to see first-hand how our art therapy is delivered
  • facilitated Governance workshops
  • induction packs that include OSCR’s guidance for charity trustees, SCIO constitution, report and accounts, minutes of recent trustees’ meetings, strategic plan, fundraising plan and case for support
  • we also provide an annual away day for trustees

Trustees meetings take place six times a year. The Finance sub-committee meets monthly. We have two groups that give Stakeholders a voice at board level – a Young Ambassadors Group and a Service Advisory Group. Details are shared here. We also have a Fundraising sub-committee through which trustees support the fundraising team.