From DIY storyboards to journey sticks, our art therapists have created a few activities that children can do at home to incorporate therapeutic art into their daily routines. Each activity and description below can be followed to help relieve anxiety and explore self-expression. Encourage children to find a quiet space and start creating!

Your Special Box

This activity shows how you can make your own special box out of everyday materials. The box can be used to keep objects and notes that make you feel better and be a special place to keep things that you find comforting. You can write down notes or feelings and keep them private and secret in your box, or share them with people you trust. You can use the box as a reminder or fill it with a special collection. How you decorate or use it is up to you, but know that the box is there for your special things that can be valued and remembered.

Download the box activity guide with photos and instructions. This activity also has a video! To learn more about how you can decorate and use your box, click here

Journey Sticks

This activity is based on a Native American mapping technique that can be done outdoors or indoors. You can go on a journey around a space, either physically or in your imagination, and collect small objects or drawings to represent different stages of your journey. Items or artwork related to people, animals, things, or feelings that are encountered on your journey can be attached to your stick or long object, to create a visual representation of your adventure. Use your imagination to visit faraway places or map out a journey in your garden or local park, using your stick to create things worth remembering along your path. Your stick can be used as a map to share your story and a way to think about your relationship with others and where you are in the world around you.

Download the journey stick guide with photos and instructions.

Stay Tuned for More

We will be continuing to add activities to this resource hub page, so please check back for additional activities that you can do to stay occupied and keep positive mental health at home.