Parents, your mental wellbeing is equally as important as your child's. it is important to keep this in mind when dealing with the current circumstances.

Parenting Tips

Considering all that is going on, 

Wellbeing Tips for you

Our therapists have passed along some very helpful tips to help. 

Helpful Apps for your Wellbeing

There are a few relaxation oriented apps that may help you get to your zen place. 

  1. One of our favourites is Relax Melodies. From sounds of the ocean to the wind in the trees, these ambient sounds will help you relax. Choose from background noises to relaxation techniques and tips for better sleep. Find a quiet place and use these soothing sounds to help you reach mental calmness. Learn more or download via Google or Apple.

2. Moodfit, which was voted the best overall mental health app of 2019, is a good overall tracker to provide insight into your mood. Check it out on Google or Apple

3. Calm, an app focused on ____, does exactly what it says

4. Headspace, like Calm, is another excellent app to help you relax.