Since 2015, we have provided quarterly art therapy group sessions for children and their families at the Rheumatology clinic, many of who have had to travel many miles from across the Scottish Borders to attend their hospital appointment. Although our service is provided just four times a year, in line with their Rheumatology clinics, the work and its impact are very much felt by the children, parents and clinicians: 

"We feel that the art time before appointments really helps to relax him before seeing the consultant or doctor. Since diagnosis two and a half years ago we have used Teapot Trust numerous times and are very impressed with what they do." Parent

"The children find Teapot Trust helpful for distraction while waiting to be seen in clinic and they always want to return to the table after they have been seen in clinic… Parents and children always comment on how much they enjoy using the Teapot Trust art table. Children arrive in clinic feeling relaxed and proud of the art they have just completed." Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Our art therapist, Louise, said: "The art table offers children an opportunity to 'tune in' with themselves and their perspectives and ways of seeing things, and allows them to use their time meaningfully. It helps children to create positive associations with going to hospital and children can look forward to this aspect of their visit."

The work, along with the clinics, has, unfortunately, had to pause during lockdown but has now moved online – in small peer groups.