At Raigmore Hospital, our art therapy open group usually runs once or twice each month in line with the Rheumatology clinic. Our art therapist also provides one-to-one art therapy for children and young people referred by clinicians. Outreach support is provided as well, typically in school settings, to ensure the service is accessible. This is important due to the rural geography of the highlands and islands.

Here are some quotes that illustrate the impact of the service:

“Kieran looks forward to making art. It relieves nervousness and it’s great to see a familiar, friendly face when we come to hospital." Parent

"By seeing children within their school settings, we’ve enabled them to benefit when they otherwise may not have been able to access to our art therapy services. We are hoping to broaden this out as much as we can, and try to look at how we can access more people in remote locations, bringing therapy to them." Art Therapist

"Some of our patients really struggle to be in the hospital environment and engage much better in environments that don’t hold negative associations." Clinical Nurse Specialist