Referral Criteria for Online Art Therapy 

The Teapot Trust want to help as many children and young people who are living with chronic conditions and pain as possible. We can help children who are: 

  • struggling with emotions and mental wellbeing that are impacted by their condition 
  • feeling worry, anxious or distress by their diagnosis and its treatment 
  • finding it difficult to express how they are feeling 
  • struggling with low self-esteem and self-confidence 
  • feeling isolated 
  • struggling with treatment or needle phobia 
  • struggling to understand or come to terms with their condition and how it might affect their life. 

We take referrals from family members and from professionals working with children with chronic conditions.  

Important to know 

There are times when engaging in art therapy should not happen e.g. when a child: 

  • is involved in a current Child Protection investigation
  • has any court involvement
  • is in an unstable placement such as interim foster care or has court proceedings pending. 

There may be other situations where art therapy may not be in the child’s best interests including:  

  • if a child is having a high number of other support interventions including therapeutic support from CAMHS 
  • their family life is very unsettled / there is family conflict, or if parents are struggling with their own mental health – children need a secure base to support therapy 
  • aggressive/violent behaviours from a child which may leave family members and or child at risk.
  • where online art therapy would not meet a child’s learning or communication needs. 

Before taking a referral further we will do an initial check to make sure:  

  • it fits within our criteria 
  • it is in the best interest of the child 
  • we only offer support at a time when it is safe and when the child is able to be well supported by those around them. 

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