In 2020, we started work in partnership with community arts venues as a means of widening access to art therapy for children and young people unlikely to take the medical route to find help. This was an important step for Teapot Trust in becoming more accessible in our place and time.

Since then we have developed collaborations with other charities, been commissioned to deliver bespoke art therapy services and encouraged referrals. We have also built research partnerships to create an evidence base for the impact of art therapy as a medical tool.

Last year, we worked with 25 partners across the UK to widen access to art therapy and are currently working with:

  • CCAA (Kids with Arthritis)
  • Children's Health Scotland
  • Collingwood Special School and Media Arts Centre, Morpeth
  • Kidney Wales
  • North Edinburgh Arts
  • Primary Health Properties (PHP) GP Surgeries, Scotland
  • Scottish Network for Arthritis in Children
  • The LUNA Project UK
  • The Yard, Edinburgh and Dundee
  • UK Youth
  • V&A Dundee
  • WHALE Arts, Edinburgh
  • Young Carers, Edinburgh

Please email Catriona Thompson, Arts Therapy Project Manager to discuss collaborating on future projects.

I enjoyed being part of the group because I knew other children were struggling like me and it was nice to share the experience.