"It is lovely to see him like this, please come back, it has really brightened him up. He has seemed so different since coming into hospital but seeing him doing art with you is like him being back to his old self. The art therapists were extremely kind and encouraging. What had been a horrible experience was turned into fun."

"My child was getting his three weekly I.G.G Replacement Therapy and his sister came along. Thanks to the Teapot Trust- they calmed my son down and played with both kids, drawing, painting and other great stuff. I felt it was beneficial to him and it was really nice of the lady to sit at his bed for a long time playing and making things."

“He was able for the first time in 8 years to get a cannula fitted easily without hours of trying – sedation, restraining or several days of visits – it truly has changed his needle anxiety and he was extremely bad!”

"She is very fearful of needles and was traumatised each time she had to give blood and when I had to inject her. She didn’t understand what was happening to her body but would not discuss it. I looked at Art Therapy to help her communicate with us. The service has been fantastic and has made a massive difference. Patricia (Art Therapist) has got so much patience. She managed to build my daughter’s trust and confidence. This enabled her to open up more to let me know how she is feeling. We use the tools and tips every day. I cannot praise what Art Therapy has done for my daughter enough. I have so much gratitude."

"Helped me to take my tablets and medications."