“I just wanted to email to say thank you for your time and to say S is really enjoying the art sessions. He looks forward to a Wednesday afternoon. The sessions are helping him to be more focused and are definitely helping with being less anxious and helping with his emotions as he is now drawing them out to let us know how he is feeling instead of shouting them out. S has dyslexia so he’s not keen on writing so being able to use art to express what he is trying to say is really helpful. He was at the hospital last week and they are hopeful that his medicine is now working for him. Thank you again for your time working with S it is really appreciated. He is always so happy after a session.”

"Art and crafts started to fill some gaps of boredom and depression in her life, and now she is looking forward to having an art exhibition with all the stuff she did in art therapy and at home with the support of the art therapist so people can come and see it. The session of art therapy is so precious to her and to all of us as well. She is always frustrated about hospital appointments but the art therapy session is different. It's something she looks forward to attending although it’s in the hospital. The idea of an art and craft exhibition has spread in the whole family and helped all the talents to show and grow. I helped her and her siblings to do art and craft together in a very nice atmosphere that made all of us happy. It’s amazing I did not know that I had all those arty ideas that were asleep inside me and the art therapy helped it to wake up!!"

"Whatever I say to thank her art therapist will not be enough. She is just wonderful. She is very nice, experienced, talented, understanding, supportive, and kind to my daughter and to all of us in the family. I strongly recommend art therapy to families with special needs children or medical conditions. It’s something that medicines can not do but art mixed with a lovely listening ear can do. I am sure it will make a big difference."

"When a child is disabled or has special needs or a chronic medical condition, then their life is affected so much with that. It’s not only them who suffer but the whole entire family suffers and all other members of that family are affected too. My disabled child suffers so much from the disability both physically and emotionally. When she started art therapy a few months ago, her life transformed and she started to become more hopeful. Her self-esteem began to increase and so did her confidence."

"The disability is very depressing and frustrating, especially to a child but the art therapy helped her to express her feelings and kick out the negative and disappointing ideas. It also helped her to believe in her abilities and that being unable to walk is not the end of the world and that someone can be very productive even if in a wheelchair. The session in art therapy gives her the opportunity to talk, chat, laugh, moan, complain… and say anything that helps her relax and get the pressure out of her body."