"We have selected the Teapot Trust for our charity as our daughter Megan used the support when she was in Ward 2 of RHSC Edinburgh in the middle of December.  Unfortunately our use of the charity was small, as Megan, devastatingly, passed away in Glasgow’s Royal Hospital for Children on the 2nd January, 21 days after her initial diagnosis.  But the good that you do, and Megan’s love of drawing and glitter will mean we will always think kindly on the charity, and help it as the years go on. Megan’s legacy will continue for as long as I am here, and Teapot Trust is one we will be supporting." 

To read more about Megan's Journey, please visit https://www.facebook.com/meggymoosjourney/

Kelly and her team will be taking on the Dundee Kiltwalk on August 18th. To view or support Kelly in her fundraising efforts, please visit her Kiltwalk page.