Teapot Trust takes safety, security and confidentiality extremely seriously, and as such have put the following measures in place to minimise risk for our online art therapy services:
  • To prevent "Zoom-bombing", all sessions are password protected and the unique links and password to each individual session are only shared with those intended to participate. The 'waiting room' feature is also enabled, meaning that anyone accessing the session has to be approved by the art therapist 'hosting' the session.
  • Teapot Trust's Zoom settings do not allow for any recording or saving of any sessions
  • Teapot Trust's Zoom settings do not allow for any file sharing
  • Teapot Trust's Zoom settings do not allow users or participants to sign in using their social media to protect privacy
  • Risk assessments are conducted by the art therapists to identify and minimise any risks associated with carrying out the session for the participant
  • A robust Online Art Therapy Security Policy is in place
  • Child protection policy and Protection of Vulnerable Adults policies are in place
  • End to end encrypted emails through ProtonMail are used for the sending or receiving of any confidential information
  • Teapot Trust have conducted online checks to ensure that their accounts have not been made vulnerable
  • Teapot Trust stay up to date with recent guidance from the British Association of Art Therapists and act swiftly to ensure we are acting in line with best practice.

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