The Edify team came to Chelsea to experience the garden and document the plants and layout. Over the past year they have brought this to life in a virtual reality (VR) environment. 

 The Virtual Elsewhere Garden will allow children who are unable to leave the hospital to still experience the magic of the garden. Through an iPad or a VR headset they will be transported to the garden where they can explore the sights and sounds of the garden.  

There are also a series of therapeutically informed activities that children can engage in, created by Teapot Trust art therapists. These combine the imagination of the physical garden with the possibilities of VR and include being able to experience the garden as a hedgehog or a bird.  

There are also guided breathing exercises and the opportunity to add to the garden by getting creative on the whiteboard.  

“We’re delighted to support the Teapot Trust and the vital work they do by using the power of VR to ensure that the 'Elsewhere Garden' can be experienced by everyone. We've very much enjoyed working with the trust and the designers, and our team has created a virtual experience which means the garden's magic will be accessible far beyond its physical home in Glasgow.” 

A huge thank you to the team at Edify for creating this therapeutically informed virtual garden, and Teapot Trust art therapists Holly Smith and Andy Comley for their work on the garden activities.