Teapot Trust hosted its first conference in May 2021, sharing insights into our art therapy services which had been moved online as a rapid response to the outbreak of the COVID pandemic.

We shared lessons learned, heard firsthand accounts from families, examined the dynamics of partnership working, highlighted our research work, and explored best practices in the field. Watch some of the recorded sessions below!

Introduction: Art Therapy for Paediatric Patients with a Long Term Health Condition

Speaker: Ellie Stubbs, Southampton Children's Hospital

Watch Ellie Stubbs, a Youth Worker from Southampton Children's Hospital explore the art therapy collaboration between Teapot Trust and the hospital's PEEER Youth Service.

Session 1: Part 1: Teapot Trust's Journey into the World of Online Working

Speaker: Kirsty Edwards, Teapot Trust

Listen to Kirsty, Art Therapy Projects Manager for Teapot Trust, outline the steps Teapot Trust took to ensure the children and families that use our services continued to be supported throughout the pandemic. 

Session 1: Part 2: Online Art Therapy Groups and Workshops

Speaker: Megan Keane, Teapot Trust

Watch Teapot Trust Art Therapist Megan reveal what digital art therapy groups are like in the context of the pandemic and provide inspiration for art therapy activities that can help children with shared needs. 

Session 2: Young Voices

Speaker: William

Watch William, a 13-year-old service user who has used Teapot Trust's services for years, explain what it's like to live with a long-term condition, and how art therapy has helped him. 

Session 3: Community Partnership Working

Contributor: Kristin Abraham, WHALE Arts

Learn about the Teapot Trust and WHALE Arts Collaborative Online Project from Kristin Abraham, Accessible Arts Programming Co-ordinator by flipping through her presentation and reading the transcript

Teapot Trust's 2020/2021 Highlights

Speaker: Sarah Randell, Teapot Trust

Listen to Teapot Trust's CEO, Sarah Randell, reflect on how the charity has had to adapt its services over the last year to ensure the families we help are still receiving the support they need.

Session 4: Using the 'other' side of the brain for fun and escape

Facilitator: Megan Keane, Teapot Trust

The Squiggle game is an easy activity to help children overcome a blank page and get ready for an art therapy session. Watch conference participants create an interactive art piece via Zoom, and hear Megan explain how you can use the activity in different contexts. 

Session 5: Best Practice in Art Therapy

Speakers: Dr Patricia Watts and Dr Simon Hackett, Teapot Trust

In this session, Art Therapists Patrica Watts and Simon Hackett explain art therapy best practice, and how their research has provided insight into the efficacy of art therapy. 

Support for Parents

Panellists: Rebecca, Edda, Kirsty Edwards, and Megan Keane

This session aimed at parents and carers of young people with chronic conditions, sees Rebecca and Edda (daughter and mother) give a firsthand account of how Teapot Trust's art therapy has helped them. Art Therapist Megan also gives advice to help parents cope.

Q & A and Concluding Remarks

Panellists: Sarah Randell, Simon Hackett, Megan Keane, and Kate Griffin (WHALE Arts)

Concluding Remarks: Liz Kilpatrick, Teapot Trust Chair of Trustees

The last session of the day saw the panellists answer remaining questions. Also catch the Chair of Trustees, Liz, deliver a takeaway message for all conference participants.