We work with some other brilliant organisations that support children and young people with chronic illnesses.

Here are some of their resources that you might find useful in feeling like it is not just you. 

Condition-specific organisations and their social media and websites can be brilliant for getting tips and seeing that it is not just you.

Here are some you might find helpful:  

The LUNA Project a charity run by and for young people with chronic health conditions, have a collection of blogs and an active Instagram account where young people with chronic conditions regularly write and share their experiences. 

Here are some of their resources that we think you might find useful in helping you talk to other people about your chronic condition: 

  • From Me and My Friends to You and Yours is a series of resources created about specific conditions by a young person with that condition and a friend. They explain what the condition is, how it affects them physically, mentally, and their life, and how a friend can support them. Why not have a look and see if there is one you could share with your friends?