Lucy (aged 15) attends Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool, and has received support from our art therapist, Rachael Driver, alongside the hospital's Clinical Health Psychology team. She wrote this beautiful poem for Teapot Trust and the team at Alder Hey Children's Charity, which describes her experience of art therapy and how much it has helped her. Lucy has complex medical needs and is profoundly deaf, but despite Rachael being unable to use sign language, the two of them have been able to communicate perfectly through art. 

Hands not words 

Friday comes around once a week
When Rachael and I have time to speak
But not with sound or words so boring
All our chats are done through drawing

‘Cos when I draw its really good
And all I sketch is understood
my colouring it makes me free
To say the things that bother me

So, Rachael my friend knows how I’m feeling
And helps me with fun ways of dealing
With little things that make me sad
And stop me now from being bad

So, thank you Rachael for hearing me
In what I draw for you to see
And helping share in my own way
My feelings good or bad each day

Thank you so much Lucy for writing this lovely poem, which sums up the power of art therapy so well.