Olivia, a 7-year-old service user from Glasgow has Juvenile Arthritis (JA) and has worked with art therapist, Dr Patricia Watts, for over five years at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow. 

Olivia said: "I look forward to seeing Patricia when I’m at hospital, it’s my favourite part. Doing art with her takes my mind of my appointments, especially getting my blood taken. When I'm making things with Teapot Trust, I feel more relaxed". 

Olivia’s mum, Claire, explains how the support helps her as a parent too: "Teapot Trust has really become part of our lives, it's what makes all the hospital appointments a bit easier. It provides a quiet, relaxed space where you can get a moment of respite in between the stress and anxiety of meeting with doctors and having procedures done. It provides my child with much needed distraction and some relief from the fear and distress associated with being in hospital".

Olivia has begun online art therapy as well. Patricia tells us: "Many of the children I work with have been worried about how Coronavirus might impact on them and their condition, and this is on top of the pressures of shielding, including isolation and loneliness. Our online sessions provide a safe space to process difficult emotions using creative interventions, supporting not only the child but their family as well.”

Be a Champion 

Art therapy has the potential to help so many young lives, but providing our services during such a challenging time is increasingly difficult. We face the challenge of raising £29,000 before the end of the Summer, and we are asking if you could Be a Champion for Teapot Trust to help us reach more families like Olivia's. 

Please visit our appeal page by clicking here to donate or get involved in fundraising. Thank you so much in advance, and a huge thanks to everyone who has supported the appeal so far.