Dr John Young, who with his wife, Laura, founded Teapot Trust ten years ago, has decided to step down as a trustee of the charity. Teapot Trust was established following the death of John and Laura’s daughter, Verity, to fill a gap in care so that other children could benefit.

Although a difficult decision to step back, John’s prime motivation is that the charity should have ambitions beyond the initial vision. He feels now is the right time.

John said: “The enthusiastic staff, art therapists, CEO Sarah, and board, are focused upon new ambitious projects, and have the skills to keep the ship sailing through both storms and fair-weather. I have confidence that they will all devote what is needed to drive it forward. I fully appreciate every effort people, past and present, have put into making it a growing success and I am proud to have been part of that journey.”

We’d like to thank John for all of his support over the years. He will of course remain part of the Teapot family.