Check out some of the creative ways you can express yourself through journalling.

  1. Throw a wet teabag at a page, and draw on or write something about the mark.
  2. Allow yourself to be BOLD - fill a page with the most garish colours you can find.
  3. Let out your feelings - vent your frustration by drawing an image or writing a rant!
  4. Cut up an image and turn it into a piece of crazy art.
  5. Draw some shapes on the page. Colour some in colours you love and others in colours you hate.
  6. Do some art using alternative materials such as make-up, flowers, fabric, sticky tape or alternative tools such as cutlery, coins, a piece of lego, the foot of a toy, bits of junk...
  7. Fill a page with completely unreadable handwriting. Try writing with the hand you don’t normally use, or with your feet!
  8. Write 10 words from conversations you’ve overheard. Make up a story from them.
  9. Find a page from your journal where you’ve made a mistake. Turn the mistake into a piece of artwork.
  10. Create a ‘fluff pet’ using bits of fluff from your pockets or anywhere you can find some. Name it!
  11. Stick in a piece of bubble wrap to pop when you’re feeling a bit stressed.
  12. Flick through an old magazine or newspaper. If a word jumps out at you, tear it out and stick it in to make a collage.
  13. Try to express rhythm and music with shapes, words or colours.
  14. Write a list of happy memories using only one word sentences.
  15. Make up some alternative lyrics to your favourite song.
  16. Assign a colour to each number on a dice. Roll the dice, draw a line with that colour and repeat until you have a giant colourful barcode.
  17. Write down a worry. Cover or surround it with positive happy words.
  18. Draw two circles on your page. Mark one A and the other B. Draw the longest route you can between A and B, then draw the shortest one.
  19. Draw something without looking at the page!
  20. Hide a picture within a picture.
  21. Scrunch up a page, unfold it then look for patterns within the creases.
  22. Focus on a part of your body. Imagine zooming in on it. Draw what you see/feel.
  23. Describe your life in 10 words.
  24. Picture yourself as a tree or another part of nature and draw it.
  25. Create an emoji for how you feel.
  26. Ask someone else to draw something (a shape, a doodle, a splodge, anything!) on your page. Now add to it.
  27. Draw some speech bubbles and add your own words.
  28. Print an inspirational quote and stick it into your journal.