Blog post: Katie Wood

I recently spent some time with the team at Royal Hospital for Children. I met Patricia, one of our art therapists, children, their families and medical staff, all of whom see Patricia and the rest of the Teapot Trust team as colleagues with a vital role to play in the delivery of care.

The hospital is a truly inspiring space and the Rheumatology waiting area, where Patricia was working, was welcoming. It struck me as a quiet, safe, creative space. A space where children can express themselves without having to speak. A space that distracts from the time spent at hospital, and a space where someone with special training can offer emotional support. A place with clay, paint, pens and jewels. 

I was so impressed with the eagerness of everyone I met to tell me how valuable the Teapot Trust is. Family members reported that Patricia had made the day bearable for their child, medical staff were keen to explain the crucial role we play at the hospital and hospital management were so enthusiastic about the work, I almost couldn't believe it! It’s truly inspiring and really makes me appreciate the importance of the work and the difference it makes.

Teapot Trust make a child’s visit to hospital, and any waiting time, treatment or difficult news more bearable. I can't think of a more helpful, worthwhile and crucial mission for a charity. What a privilege it is to have the opportunity to work with such talented people who carry out such important work.

Katie Wood joined our Board of Trustees in January this year. She brings with her a wealth of experience in regulation, change management and a passion for getting to know people and what makes them tick. She's curious, enthusiastic and thrilled to be part of Team Teapot where we plan to put her skills to good use. In her spare time, she loves cooking up a storm with home grown produce and going for long walks with her beloved dog.