My favourite thing about art therapy is that it is beautifully simple. It’s an invitation to play, to ‘be’ , and to connect with “the here and now”. I love that it is visual and immediate. It’s a picture that speaks a thousand words. It can be colourful, monochrome, textured and tactile. There’s no script. There’s no right or wrong way: there’s only your way. I love the freedom: simply do it, and it doesn’t have to make any sense. No words required and yet you can share the unspeakable and feel safe. It’s a haven, a breathing space. It can be so comforting in times of difficulty, or when you just feel, ‘help!’.

Art therapy is a way to connect with your true self and listen in. It’s moving. You do it and it does something, brings about something new or different that helps you feel and ‘see’ better. It’s ‘me time’, a chance to tap into your source, your true self. It can give you energy and courage that you might not have realised you had! It’s relaxing and it helps you to focus. It’s a way to share your story without telling it. It’s a great leveller and source of support. And when you’re done, it’s yours to do with it what you may, and share it, or not!

I think it’s wonderful the Tea Pot Trust can offer children and young people art therapy at a time when they could really benefit from it and where it has the potential to make a big difference to their lives and to the lives of their loved ones.