The Teapot Trust’s provision of professional art therapy and creative arts interventions for children and young people with chronic conditions aims to:

  •  Encourage the self-expression of thoughts/feelings related to chronic conditions.
  •  Facilitate the child’s understanding of how their chronic condition affects their lives.
  •  Empower children and young people through participation in creative arts practice.
  •  Help the child to better understand how situations may increase the perception of pain or stress.
  •  Teach effective techniques to promote the self-management of chronic pain, stress and anxiety.
  •  Facilitate the process of acceptance for children struggling with their condition.
  •  Support the emotional and physical wellbeing of the child and family.
  •  Contribute to positive mental health.
  •  Introduce new skills – providing opportunities to be viewed as an individual rather than a patient – enabling them to see beyond their condition.
  •  Support the child and family with coping mechanisms.
  •  Support the emotional well-being of the child during clinical treatments and diagnosis.
  •  Build resilience in children with chronic conditions.
  •  Provide peer interaction and a sense of community within the hospital environment.
  •  To add to the art therapy body of evaluation and research available in the UK.

The following infographic also outlines benefits succinctly: