J’s story

J, age 16, was referred to art therapy as traditional talking therapies were difficult with his Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). J’s mum said “J was struggling a lot with his mental health and with understanding and processing feelings of grief after losing a close friend. At its worst, it had a huge impact on our lives as he reached a very low point on a couple of occasions where he told us that he had thought about taking his own life. It was a very worrying time for us. 

Right from the very first session, there was a positive impact for my son and by the time all the sessions were over he was in a much better place emotionally and with his mental health and he felt that he’d been able to address all of the worries, anxiety and grief that had been overwhelming him before.”

J’s mum continued: “By the end of the sessions, there was a huge improvement in his mental health and it helped him completely turn around the way he was feeling to enable him to cope so much better. He now seems to have a very positive outlook on life.

We feel that it has been hugely beneficial in helping J understand that there is help and support for him and to ask for help when he needs it. He seems a much happier child day to day and has been able to communicate better with us too as a result.” 

When asked if it helped him, J said yes, “Because of my autism I find it hard to talk to people but with Art therapy it was better because there was a different way to communicate.”

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Following the incredible insights from last year’s review outlined in Sharing Our Story of an Energising Year, we’re reaching out to the community to be a part of the next chapter by doing what you can to help. With a whopping 93% of young people reporting to have made positive progress following their art therapy sessions, the difference you can help make is very real.

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