Hi, I’m Megan, one of two new art therapists funded by Teapot Trust at the Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle.

I’m based in the Psychology department and spend my mornings providing art therapy in the rheumatology department, and afternoons working with The Bridges School to provide art therapy to students on a number of wards. The Bridges School provides bedside education to children spending more than three days in hospital and they are able to refer children to me for extra support.

Within the rheumatology department I work with children being treated for juvenile arthritis in their clinics, particularly during lengthy infusions and treatments. 

Art therapy helps children and families to explore thoughts and feelings that may be hard to put into words, encouraging greater motivation, self-esteem and confidence and providing a safe place for exploration and self-expression. Art therapy groups also provide peer interactions and foster a sense of community and support in the hospital environment. 

As part of my induction I've had the chance to meet my new colleagues and have been able to visit the departments where I will be working, learning about the service that each one provides. 

I am really looking forward to working with the staff and patients at Great North Children’s Hospital and I am excited to be part of both the Teapot trust and Great North Children’s Hospital families.