Welcome to our shop! Here we have all the latest products from our charity. When purchasing, please consider a donation to make your impact even greater.

Red Teapot Magnetic Pin


This magnetic pin is a great way to show your support for Teapot Trust. Read more

Sheep Tea Towel


This gorgeous tea towel designed by one of our little artists, Olivia, features her hand-drawn sheep with the question, "Don't ewe just love a good wooly jumper?!" Read more

Specialty Knitting Kits


These special knitting kits have been lovingly put together so you can make your own creations from beautiful hand-dyed wool in Teapot Trust colours! Read more

Slate Teapots


Cut to perfection, these quality slate teapots are a great way to add a unique spin to your next tea or dinner party. Read more

Tea Break Knits Coaster


These packets include step-by-step instructions for knitting your own teapot coaster. Read more

Red Teapot Pin


This classy little red pin is the perfect way to add colour and show your support for Teapot Trust. Read more

Ten Poems about Tea


This lovely pamphlet would make the perfect gift for tea lovers. Read more

Bags for Life


These durable jute bags are fashionable, well-made, and environmentally friendly. Read more

Crochet Teapot Coasters


This step-by-step guide is the perfect gift for crochet lovers. Read more