While serving as an interim CEO for Teapot Trust, I saw firsthand the significant impact providing art therapy for children and families coping with chronic conditions can have. Creating a positive experience for children in hospitals and giving them a way of expressing themselves shows how powerful art can be in promoting overall wellbeing.
I have, for some time now, been planning to walk "El Camino de Santiago" (Camino Frances). In general the journey is 805 km (500 miles). I plan on completing the first stage in September (just under 300 km) and tackling the 3-week-long second stage (around 500 km) next April. I hope to post updates as I go along, so should you wish, please check back on this page, my facebook page, and also keep an eye on Teapot Trust's social pages to view my progress. I have decided to raise some money on the way for Teapot Trust to help support those children, young people and their families that I saw benefit so greatly from an artistic creative outlet.
Any donation would be greatly appreciated - thank you for your support.
Camino Stage 1 & 2: St Jean-Pied-de-Port to Burgos (September 2019) 👟

St Jean Pied de Port / Burgos

06 Sep DAY 1: Arrive St Jean Pied de Port and overnight
07 Sep DAY 2: Walk to Roncesvalles - 24km
08 Sep DAY 3: Walk to Akerreta - 27km
09 Sep DAY 4: Walk to Pamplona - 16km
10 Sep DAY 5: Walk to Puente la Reina - 23km
11 Sep DAY 6. Walk to Estella - 22km
12 Sep DAY 7. Walk to Los Arcos - 20km
13 Sep DAY 8. Walk to Logrono - 28km
14 Sep DAY 9: Extra Night in Logrono
15 Sep DAY 10:Walk to Najera - 27km
16 Sep DAY 11: Walk to Santa Domingo - 21km
17 Sep DAY 12: Walk to Belorado - 22km
18 Sep DAY 13: Walk to San Juan de Ortega - 24km
19 Sep DAY 14: Walk to Burgos - 25km
20 Sep DAY 15: Onward Travel

Sorry for the delay - recuperation in the South of Spain took up more of my time than expected.
Phase 1 now completed - on schedule and as planned !!!
A great feeling of achievement !!! (for me)
As this was my first long distance walk I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.
Breaking El Camino into 2 Phases was definitely the right thing to do - both from a learning point of view but also from a fitness point of view. Most of my body behaved well but the feet took a bit of a hammering. Plenty help however along the way ! (my Camino Angel - Gigi)
Update on my Dutch friend Evert: He finished up last Thursday having to go to hospital with his feet - good news however: after 2 days rest he is back on the Camino and progressing very well - Good luck my friend I know you’ll make it !!!
My journey covered 286 kms and took 12 days of walking. This leaves 503 kms still to do !!!!
I learned a lot about myself ........ and others “en route”. Some colourful characters and stories ! - as they say “it takes all types to make the world go around” !
It was a fabulous adventure: great scenery, great friendships and a wonderful experience all round.
Made many friends who will remain so for years to come I’m sure. (too many to mention here but they know who they are !)
I still wonder if there are many people left in Canada - it must be nearly empty - they were all on El Camino !
As I mentioned earlier I learned a lot about myself and like to think that I’ve relearned how to be more patient (some would say not before time)
My discipline and daily planning also proved invaluable.
There is no doubt that Phase 2 will use the lessons from the first journey.
The exact timing of my Phase 2 will depend on diary commitments - it will however be done next year.
Finally I’d like to thank each and everyone who sponsored me - I will be personally thanking all of you but a mention here is essential - Thank you from myself and the children and young people that will benefit from the money raised.
Some more photos below from my journey so far !!!!!
I nearly forgot: The story of the chickens !!!! (This will resonate with those who have been keeping up to date with my daily facebook page.
This a true Camino story !!!!!!
Many years ago a young perigrino (pilgrim) from Germany stopped overnight in Santo Domingo de la Calzada.
The daughter of the local mayor took a fancy to this perigrino but it was not reciprocated !
The young lady was very unhappy about this and placed a gold coin in his luggage during the night.
This resulted in the perigriono being found guilty of theft and sentenced to be hung !
The hanging took place in the square after which the mayor went for lunch.
During his lunch he was interrupted by one of his deputies who told him that the German was not dead - what should they do about it.
The mayor responded by saying that he didn’t believe his deputy and that the man was as dead as this chicken which he was about to eat ...... at which point the chicken got up off his plate and flew away !!!!!”
Hence to this day there are two chickens kept alive in a cage in the cathedral at Santo Domingo de la Calzada !!!!!!
My kind of story !!!!
Hasta mañana
Tom Brown