Any pupil at Millbrook Primary School in the 80s, 90s, and early 00s will remember their art teacher. Mrs Cliff, or nan to me, was a magical soul whose boundless energy and love of laughter touched the hearts of thousands of children. Whether it was painting self portraits or creating collages out of food, she made sure every child that passed through her 'art area' left with a smile on their face. She sadly passed away in 2017, a few years after developing dementia.

I've completed a few fundraising memory walks with people that knew and loved my nan, but due to the pandemic I've been unable to travel down to participate. This year I'd like to support a charity that nan would approve of: I chose the Teapot Trust because of their celebration of art as therapy, something that nan championed not only throughout her career but also in her personal life.

This year, I am running 10k in her memory. I have attempted to complete the Couch to 5k programme many times, but for various reasons (moving across the country, periods of depression, and my struggles with ADHD, to name a few) I have struggled to complete it. Hopefully the idea of having to complete this race will guilt me into getting my trainers on!

My target of £400 is enough for the Teapot Trust to run two months' worth of focused group sessions where children and families can connect while being supported through art therapy. Art has helped many people throughout the pandemic, myself included, and giving the gift of art therapy to children who need it most is invaluable. Any donation is gratefully received - if you are unable to give, spreading the word also helps!

Bon Cliff