William, a young ambassador for Teapot Trust, has been fund and awareness raising through several creative activities that range from helping promote the efforts of Teapot's Champions to creating impressive tea set lamps for sale. Check out what he has to say about his support of the Children in Crisis Campaign below.

A Message from William

"As many of you already know, Teapot Trust is an Art Therapy charity very close to my own heart. They helped me when I was in  hospital. The charity was born as a result of a very special family who lived through hospital visits with their daughter Verity, who sadly didn’t survive.  Verity’s  sister Nina is currently tackling an amazing challenge to keep Teapot Trust going through difficult times (17,000 families have used this service throughout the UK). Please help me support Nina through her amazing We Will Walk 500 Miles challenge by donating 500 pence or adding your own challenge and nominating 10 friends to do the same. I've added 500 pence from selling eggs and soft fruit by bicycle. You can watch me play 500 Miles by the Proclaimers on my guitar atop 500 haylage bales by clicking here. I have also created ‘Teapot Trust’ table lamps from vintage tea sets. I raised £150 by selling them on eBay! All proceeds will go to helping children with Chronic illnesses.  Love, William.  

Ps if you are like me and struggle with technology, send magical Caitlin your challenge and she will post it and also send you a copy for you to share with your nominated group of friends."

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Help Spread the Word

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