Teapot Trust is delighted to have won a show garden at next May’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, being the only Scottish based charity to have done so. Made possible by a generous grant from Project Giving Back and designed by the widely respected garden design firm Semple Begg, the garden will be on display during the 2023 RHS Chelsea Flower show before being relocated to its permanent home at Glasgow’s Royal Hospital for Children where Teapot Trust has been working in partnership to support families in need over the last decade.

Our Vision

Teapot Trust has a vision where all children and young person who live with chronic health conditions can access transformative art therapy without barriers and without cost.

1 in 4 children and young people in the UK live with the pain and stigma of chronic health conditions that cause anxiety and depression. Almost a third of those aged under 21 who take their own lives have a long-term chronic illness. Typically, young patients with chronic conditions need regular invasive tests, injections and treatments. They often feel misunderstood, saying others don’t believe they’re in pain because their condition is “invisible”.

Through the gentle process of art therapy, Teapot Trust supports them to express and process their feelings about their diagnosis, their treatment regime, and how this affects them day-to-day. Through transformative art therapy they find effective coping tools which builds their resilience, with 92% reporting to have made progress towards their goals and no longer feeling defined by their condition.

With such a widespread need, it is only fitting that we strive to increase awareness about the link between physical and mental health on a national platform. Through the Teapot Trust Elsewhere Garden, we intend to utilise this opportunity to maximise awareness and bring growth so we can meet the needs of many more children living with painful chronic health conditions now and in the future.

The Teapot Trust Elsewhere Garden Illustration

The Elsewhere Garden, Illustrated by Sandra Dieckmann

The Garden

Teapot Trust’s Elsewhere Garden guides children and young people living with the pain and stigma of a chronic health condition to a safe space where their minds go ‘elsewhere’. 

Susan Begg of Semple Begg said: “Teapot Trust Elsewhere Garden represents a child’s imagination as it blossoms in response to the freedom gifted by art therapy. Through this escape into art, children find coping strategies to deal with life.”

Nicola Semple of Semple Begg added: “For inspiration, we looked to Willy Wonka's factory, to Oz and Wonderland. Where colour is vivid and exuberant, shape and form are exaggerated. And, where the inner world of a child's anxiety is expressed as an outer wonderland.”

All plants and features have been carefully chosen to help us tell our story. Visitors to the garden – and the digital experience online – will be immersed in rich and vibrant planting, sculptures, water features and references to non-verbal communication through soundscapes. Art in the garden reflects the art tools that Teapot Trust uses to take a child’s worrying thoughts ‘elsewhere’. Unusual, anthropomorphic-like trees contribute to an atmosphere of fantasy and imagination within the garden.

Key Features

Growers and Installers: Plants incorporated in the garden will be grown by British nurseries including the renowned Kelway Plants, who have supplied thousands of plants for previous shows, and have enabled the winning of top medals each year. They are one of the UK’s oldest nurseries and one of only a handful of growers with the skill and experience to grow plants for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Stewart Landscape Construction, Winners of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show ‘Best Construction’ award in 2021, will bring their extensive experience to building the Teapot Trust Elsewhere garden in Chelsea.

Digital Engagement: To increase impact, we’ll incorporate digital engagement features that will enable children to experience the garden remotely, engaging with the plants and environment through sight and sound linked to therapeutic art activities. To ensure the garden is as widely accessible as possible and boost its potential to promote wellbeing, we will be exploring innovative ways of connecting our stakeholders with the Teapot Trust Elsewhere Garden as it grows and changes.

Journey Sticks, Teapot TrustTherapeutic Art Activity


Through a generous Grant from Project Giving Back, a unique grant-making charity that provides funding for gardens for good causes at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Teapot Trust’s Elsewhere Garden will display at the show under the category All About Plants. You can visit Teapot Trust’s Elsewhere Garden at RHS Chelsea from the 23rd to the 27th of May 2023.

We are proud to be the only Scottish based charity displaying at the show, and delighted that the garden will make Glasgow its permanent home after Chelsea. The garden will continue to grow within the grounds of Glasgow's Royal Hospital for Children, which serves areas of social need, where chronic illness in children is more than 2.5 times more prevalent. An inclusive safe space to help overcome barriers to accessing healthcare, it will be used for outdoor art therapy and all patients and visitors will be welcome.

Moving Forward

Keep an eye on the Elsewhere Garden Hub page, as we’ll be developing the content as the project grows. Upcoming additions include an exploratory digital garden feature, stories about the garden’s journey from Chelsea to Glasgow, interviews with the artists, videos about volunteer support, and many more exciting stories.

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