John Byrne, Teapot Ambassador: "You do incredibly important work; in these days of entertaining children with technology, home-made entertainment is long gone. The place to go for safety, wonder and magic is your own imagination, available any time for free – there you can roam to your heart’s content. All you need is a pencil and paper – the battery never runs out and the screen never freezes." 

Sarah Cox: "I first met Laura when I judged Tesco Mum of the Year, and was delighted that she won the Tesco Charitable Mum of the Year award. Laura really is an inspirational person – there’s a huge amount of sadness in her story, but also a lot of optimism because she has turned her adversity into an advantage for others. Art therapy is so valuable because it proves a great distraction and something else to remember from hospital apart from their appointments, and pictures they can show off and talk about. I know that Laura and the team will continue to provide this vital service, and I’ll continue to support them in their work."                     


Ex-Prime Minister, David Cameron: "Laura and John have taken the awful experience of losing their daughter Verity and used it to selflessly dedicate their lives to finding a way to help other sick children. The art therapy their work has provided has helped thousands of children with serious illnesses across the country, helping them to feel more in control of their condition. For those children and their families Laura and John are true Points of Light."

George Kerevan, former MP for East Lothian: "I am immensely impressed by the achievements of the Teapot Trust. In the five short years since Verity died, Laura and John Young have set up art therapy sessions for children in hospitals in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Kinross, as well as at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. There could be no more inspiring memorial to their daughter, and I am delighted to see them nominated by the Prime Minister for a Point of Light award for their work."

Professor, Sir Kenneth Calman: "Art and creativity is remarkably helpful and positive in hospital. The work of the Teapot Trust is quite inspirational."