Do you remember the last time you were in hospital? Do you remember how you felt? Nervous? Concerned? Now imagine you were a young child experiencing this and how heightened these feelings would be.

This is what it was like for Verity, the daughter of Teapot Trust founders Laura and John Young. After being diagnosed with Lupus at age 3, she spent many years in and out of hospital, undergoing tests and waiting on appointments. During this time, Laura and John wrote Sandy the Starfish meets Doctor Dolphin, a lift-the-flap book to help other children and their families prepare for a visit to the hospital and help reduce any anxiety they may feel about this.

Sandy Starfish meets Doctor Dolphin has been turned into a stop motion animated film about what may happen when children visit the hospital. The animation is subtitled so it can be enjoyed by hearing-impaired children. Watching Sandy will help children understand that they do not need to be nervous about attending hospital appointments and make them confident that they know what to expect.

We’ve made the film available on our website, YouTube and various social media pages so that parents can access it before taking their children for appointments. It will also be shown in hospitals throughout Scotland and England and, as the reach of our services spreads, hopefully even further afield! A huge thank you to all those who made this animation possible.