There are so many exciting ways to get involved with Teapot Trust, but we are always looking for ways to make more people aware of our art therapy services and its benefits. By helping spread the word about what we do, you will be helping us continue to provide our services that help so many families through art. 

What can you do to help?

  • Fundraise for us! Anything from hosting your own tea party to completing a challenge helps raise our profile when you tell people what their donations will go to. 
  • Tell your friends about what we do. Offer them a tea or coffee (we're not biased) and have a chat about ways to support your favourite charity. 
  • Share our stories and posts on social media. #teapottrust #doart
  • Help hand out flyers and information about our services. Get in touch and we'll send you brochures and handouts that you can help distribute to your local area. 
  • Keep an eye out and let us know about opportunities where we can promote the charity. 

Remember, "Big or small there is always a difference only you can do".