Qualitative Research is exploratory research that can help explain people’s experiences, opinions and motivations to solve a problem, identify outcomes and/or develop ideas for potential quantitative research.

As part of the Teapot Trust Research Programme, we are undertaking qualitative research to better understand users experience of Teapot Trust art therapy and how it works in clinical settings, and to identify its outcomes.

Current collaborative qualitative research projects in development include:

  • ‘A qualitative study on the benefits of the Open Group Art Therapy Model for siblings of chronically ill children’ (provisional title), in collaboration with The Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, University of Edinburgh
  • ‘Developing a Teapot Trust online art therapy service. Phase 1: Understanding the therapists’ perspective. A qualitative study’ (provisional title), in collaboration with Dr Ania Zubala, Research Fellow, Division of Rural Health and Wellbeing / Digital Health, University of the Highlands and Islands
  • ‘Understanding Art Therapists’ experience of delivering Teapot Trusts’ Open Group Art Therapy Model’, Dr Kristin Leith