Dentons were delighted to have the Teapot Trust as our 2017/18 Charity of the Year. Each year we choose a local charity through a voting process. Our remit is to find a small/medium sized charity which carries out important work in the area local to our Edinburgh office to be the beneficiary of all the funds we raise throughout the year. Naturally there are many worthy charities in the area, however a nomination by one of our Edinburgh partners, followed by a high level of staff support in the vote saw the Teapot Trust become our 2017/18 Charity of the Year. Early on in our partnership we had representatives from the charity come and tell our staff more about the wonderful work that the Charity does, which kick started a very fulfilling and rewarding partnership. The level of engagement our staff have shown has been wonderful, and it is has been clear that this is a cause which everyone has enjoyed supporting over the year.

We have learned first hand of the amazing work that the Teapot Trust does, and are delighted that we have been able to support this through our fundraising. We have hosted a wide variety of fundraising activities including charity dinners, quiz nights, a “Biggest Loser” competition and a Christmas Advent calendar. We also regularly hold bake sales (with tea, of course!) combined with dress down days. We have lots of keen bakers in the office, so are never short of cakes to sell (or people to eat them!). Our staff have very much enjoyed getting behind and supporting such a worthwhile cause through a range of fun activities. As well as raising a great amount of money for the Teapot Trust, our staff have been rewarded by taking part in activities which have boosted team morale and working relationships, and the knowledge that they are supporting a wonderful cause while doing so.

Jenny, Creator of A Little Dress:

From now on, we will be donating £1 from every order to the wonderful @Teapot Trust. This includes all items (present and future) whether you purchase online, from a store, market or from myself directly.The Teapot Trust provides art therapy to children who have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses. You can find out more about them and their services on their website (and go follow them whilst you’re there!)

So, why? It’s not something I ever really talk about, but I feel this it the time to change that. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness when I was 13; I spent the next years having scans, tests and eventually surgery when I was 16 to try and get it under control. I’ve learnt to live with the symptons and how to manage the pain, but the thing that I struggled with (and where the Teapot Trust can have a huge impact) is the mental aspect of coping withillness.When you are young and imagining what you will grow up to be it’s hard to suddenly deal with an uncertain future. Everything I had planned suddenly vanished and any confidence with it. I blamed myself for getting ill and spent many years wishing I could just find a way out.

My main source of support was an online forum of people who hadn’t been so lucky with the illness. I became convinced that I didn’t deserve a place in ‘life’ with everyone else. The only support the hospital provided was for someone to ensure school work didn’t slip. As I get older I become more aware of how much impact support such as art therapy could have had on those negative thoughts. This marks the 10 year anniversary since I had that surgery. A milestone I didn’t think I’d reach at that time (nor really wanted to). But I’m here whilst this illness is still hanging around (despite my best effort to tell it to f off), I’m finally finding a little bit of peace with myself, mainly thanks to this little business and the creative therapy it gives me. It only seems logical that I now extend this out to try and help others, even if it is only £1 a time.

So a huge thank you for continuing to support this little business – and thank you for now also choosing to support this charity with me. Check out some of Jenny’s adorable creations!