In this unprecedented time, many organisations and sources have been making complicated information accessible for all ages and have been putting forward great ideas about how we can all stay healthy in the current circumstances. From information about coronavirus to additional activities for children, we've compiled a list of some of the most helpful outside resources that we have come across. Take a minute to explore and feel free to share with us other sources you find helpful. 





Wellbeing Young Minds Coronavirus: Impact on Young People with Mental Health Needs Link
Wellbeing Charlie Waller Memorial Trust Taking Care of Your Mental Health; Looking after your Mental Wellbeing Link
Health Dave the Dog Coronavirus illustration explanation for children Link
Wellbeing NHS 5 Steps to Follow for Mental Wellbeing Link
Art & Wellbeing Lifehack 20 Art Therapy Activities You Can Try At Home To Destress Link 
Wellbeing Arthur's Place

Coronavirus (Covid-19) – What do you need to know if you have arthritis?

Wellbeing The Blurt Foundation

Self-Care Starter Kit

Art & Wellbeing BBC

100 Activity Ideas you can do Indoors

Wellbeing The Wellness Society

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

Wellbeing NHS

Looking after a Child or Young Person's Mental Health