Teapot Trust was set up in 2010 by Laura and John Young after seeing the gaps in care for children with rheumatological issues who were regularly visiting hospital. Their daughter, Verity, spent much of her short life in hospital coping with illness and managing the effects of her treatment (first for Lupus and then for cancer). Art gave Verity a way of expressing herself and was an essential coping strategy for the whole family, so John and Laura wanted to help other children and families who were struggling. 

We are often asked, “Why the teapot?” The ritual of making ‘proper’ tea, often accompanied by cake, was the means through which our founders encouraged Verity to increase her fluid intake - which was important due to the medication she was taking. Over time, the teapot came to symbolise support, comfort, friendship and respite.

This year marks Teapot Trust's 10th anniversary, which we will celebrating in November. Since we began, the charity has improved the lives of over 12,000 children and young people.