We know that you are the experts when it comes to rallying support within your own networks, but there are a few tips you can follow to ensure your efforts are maximised.

Make Your Own Fundraising Page: You can set up a fundraising page through the Teapot Trust website and make it your own. It can be used to add photos, an appeal, or provide updates. Choosing to fundraise for the Covid-19 appeal can help show how we can all pull together to support those in need. 

Social media: Now more than ever, social media has helped us all stay connected, so be sure to utilise it to spread the word and share your progress. Keep an eye on trending hashtags that may help expand your reach, such as #DonateYourCommute #ThankfulThursday #FitnessFriday.

Online Social Networking: Fundraising can be a good excuse to get together on a virtual platform and share your efforts. Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, and so many more can be used to stay in touch. Explore online ways to stay connected or get started with a few listed here.  

Optimise Email: Working from home? Add info about your fundraiser to your email signature to help raise awareness. Something as simple as "I'm raising funds to support Teapot Trust and help children with chronic conditions by completing (fundraiser). You can support me here (add a link to your fundraiser page)!" can really help spread the word and boost your support. 

Share Your Journey: On average, those who share their progress during challenge events tend to raise 40% more than those who don’t. Strava is an app that can be used to help track your physical activity such as running or biking. Using this to track your progress and share it with your audience can help your network follow along with your journey and be invested in your progress. You can even ask them to donate £1 for every mile you complete and provide screenshots or maps as proof! 

Livestreaming: Why not get people involved in your fundraising by live-streaming a session? You can broadcast your challenge or virtual lesson for example, and invite people to see what you are up to in real-time. The following platforms can be used to help get people involved: Facebook Live, Instagram LivePeriscope, YouNow or YouTube Live

Get in Touch: To help advertise your event, be sure to get in touch. We can advertise your efforts on our website, social media, and media channel – the more promotion, the better your fundraising total will be! We're here to support you every step of the way, so we'd love to hear from you.