Olivia, a six-year-old service user from Glasgow has been using Teapot Trust's services for the past 4 years. We asked her a few questions to learn more about her experience doing art with Teapot Trust.

Olivia's Interview

Can you tell me a little about your condition?

"I have juvenille arthritis. It means I get sore legs and I also get Uveitis in my eyes. So I have to go to the hospital a lot."

How does your condition make you feel?

"It feels unfair, I wish I didn't have it and just want to be like everyone else."

 How long have you been using Teapot Trust services?

"Since I was 2 and a half."

 What is your favourite thing to do at the Teapot Trust groups?

"Everything, especially making things with clay then painting the clay. I've made loads of things and I keep them on a special shelf in my bedroom."

How does Teapot Trust help you?

"Sometimes I get a bit worried and scared before my appointments especially if I have to get my bloods taken or get a cannula. It gives me something fun to do when I'm waiting and takes my mind of it. I have a lot of appointments and sometimes have to spend all afternoon at the hospital."

How do you feel after doing art?

"Happy and proud of what I've made."

How would you feel if you couldn’t do art in hospitals with Teapot Trust?

"Sad and upset and I would miss Patricia (Teapot Trust art therapist)"

How do you think Teapot Trust helps you and your family?

"It's makes going to the hospital a bit better."

What inspired your wonderful sheep painting that Teapot Trust used for the tea towel design?

"I love sheep so that's why I drew the sheep."

To help children like Olivia enjoy art therapy in hospitals, please donate what you can to the Not Just William campaign. If you are interested in purchasing one of the specially designed tea towels designed by Olivia, please visit our shop page