Teapot Trust provided over 6,000 art therapy interactions to children like William last year. To help give insight into the children who use our services, we asked William and his family to chat with us about his use of Teapot Trust services.

William, an eleven-year-old from Angus has juvenile arthritis and has been using Teapot Trust services for the past four years. William says that he often feels left out and others are unkind to him because they do not understand his condition. Doing art with Teapot Trust helps his self esteem and makes him look forward to his appointments as he knows he can do art when he visits hospital.

I feel quite satisfied after doing art and I even feel a bit stronger. I feel a bit more confident. It takes my mind off all the needles and things. When the Teapot Trust are there I don’t really worry about my appointments. I just really want to do art.

William’s sister, Sophie, also uses Teapot Trust services. She thinks it would be “a lot more sad and not as nice for everyone else” if Teapot Trust weren’t in the hospitals.

To continue to support the children and families that use Teapot Trust services, we are launching the Not Just William Campaign to show how children visiting hospitals benefit from our services. By showcasing how art therapy helps service users like William and Sophie, we are hoping to give a glimpse into the experiences of children coping with chronic conditions. To read more about William’s story, please visit our Not Just William campaign page.

William and Sophie proudly display some of their artwork made during Teapot Trust sessions.

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