Who are we

Creative Portal is a website that enables you; an aspiring creative talent, to showcase your work completely free, to the world. All Creatives can make use of this doorway; from Photographers, artists, performers, musicians to Make up Artists. Creative Portal provides links to professionals from Education, Creative Industries and Arts organisations.

Our aim is to show your creation to the world. To help you obtain professional critique, support and networking. We open doors to career guidance, project collaboration and many future opportunities. You may enjoy just expressing yourself, then Creative Portal is also the place for you.

Why follow us

Why join Creative Portal? Well, we are here to help you reach the right audience with your portfolio.

Our portfolios are more like creative selfies, where in addition to images and videos, you can add your CV, artists statement, first press release and scripts while linking your portfolio profile to other social media platforms, so you can ‘ping’ your portfolio to employers or education providers.

Coming very soon…..we are adding ‘X-HIBI’; our innovative virtual exhibition platform; to give the right amount of ‘Oomf’ to your presented work.