The Problem

Pandemic aside, children and young people struggling to cope with a chronic condition are already at a disadvantage as they are more vulnerable to mental health conditions. Current circumstances have exacerbated the challenges and issues they face, as they are now experiencing heightened levels of fear, anxiety, stress and worry. A study of the impact of coronavirus on young people with mental health needs found that 83% of young people said the pandemic has had a negative impact on their mental health. They have also reported anxiety, problems with sleep, panic attacks or more frequent urges to self-harm among those who already self-harmed. Our service users do not have their usual routines and support mechanisms in place such as schools, clubs and other peer support. They are currently unable to access face-to-face Teapot Trust services in hospitals, which has removed their safe space for expression of their innermost thoughts and feelings. Parents and carers are experiencing the additional pressures of home-schooling, as well as the ongoing challenges of caring for a child with a chronic health condition. In short, for many families already in ‘survival mode’, this has exacerbated the situation. We need your help now more than ever to continue supporting children and families coping with chronic conditions through new digital channels and resources.


£20 could buy a colourful art kit for an entire family in need that can be used during digital art therapy sessions

£35 could provide a focused 1:1 art therapy session online where children have a safe space to explore difficult emotions

£100 could produce a video to help thousands of children learn therapeutic art techniques to cope with anxiety

£170 could provide a month's worth of Zoom access for all of the art therapists to help children and families throughout the UK

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Thank You

Thank you for helping us continue to support children and families coping with chronic conditions. In this time of need, your support means so very much.