Although there are endless challenges you can take on to raise money, there are so many other creative ways you can fundraise or raise awareness during the current restrictions. If physical challenges are not your thing, have a look at some of the following ways you can help support families in need.

  • Virtual Crafternoon Tea: Arrange a virtual crafternoon with your family and friends and raise money through a participation fee to make it even more of a special and memorable occasion.  
  • Gaming Inspiration: If you are a gamer or know someone who is, why not consider raising money through online gaming? You can broadcast your gaming skills through a platform such as Twitch and have your followers follow along with your gaming progress. Directing your followers to a Teapot Trust fundraising page can help spread awareness and raise donations. You can even turn your streaming into a tournament and donate the entry fees to the charity.  
  • Haircutting: If you’re anything like us, you’ve got family members who are scared to let you cut their 
    hair. Make a simple haircut fun by striking a deal with your family member that gives you the right to administer a haircut when a certain amount of money is fundraised. They’ll have to say yes once they see how much it will benefit a great cause!
  • Social Event HostingHost an online dance-a-thon, karaoke party, pub quiz, auction, coffee morning, bake-a-thon, concert, bingo session, tea tasting, etc with all your family and friends to help break the boredom, make a difficult situation fun, and help support those in need while doing it. 
  • Virtual LessonsHave a particular skill that you’d like to put to good use? Why not host an online session and ask for a donation in return? Host a yoga class, cooking lesson, or DIY tutorial. Knitters, wreath makers, needle felters, and all artists in general, we’re looking at you! What can you do to support children in need through art?
  • Birthday Fundraiser: Although it has been overshadowed, 2020 marks the 10th year of the charity’s existence and provides a perfect opportunity for you to fundraise through your birthday. Why not ask for a donation instead of gifts, promote a donation in lieu of a card, or challenge your network to raise a certain amount in honour of your birthday. You can set up a virtual fundraiser through your Facebook page, or get in touch, and we’ll set up a Teapot Trust fundraiser page for this very special purpose for you!