Coronavirus has affected us all, but it’s also hugely affected local charities. The Teapot Trust was set up by my parents to provide art therapy to sick children in hospital, a service that’s become integral to paediatric units across the UK. But it needs your help to stay afloat! This August I’m going to set out to walk the North Coast 500 to raise money for this charity that’s so close to my heart. That’s 500 miles (over 800km!) walking... I’m going to carry my stuff on my back and wild camp the whole way. I won’t be alone though - my sister Verity was the beautiful inspiration behind the Teapot Trust. She spent much of her short life in hospital, but benefitted from the catharsis of art when things turn bad. Thanks to the Teapot Trust, hundreds of children like Verity now also benefit from the escape of art. Her memory, and a couple of hardy friends, will be alongside me the whole way.

Please give what you can to help ensure that children can still benefit from the Teapot Trust’s services in the future.

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Nina Young