1 in 4 young people in the UK live with the pain and stigma of chronic health conditions that cause anxiety and depression. Almost a third of those aged under 21 who die by suicide have a long term chronic illness. Typically, young patients with chronic conditions need regular invasive tests, injections and treatments. They often feel misunderstood, saying others don't believe they are in pain because their condition is 'invisible'.

Through the gentle process of art therapy, Teapot Trust supports them to express and process their feelings about their diagnosis, their treatment regime, and how this affects them day to day. Through art therapy they find effective coping tools which builds their resilience. It is powerful and transformative. 92% make good progress towards their goals and no longer feel defined by their condition.

Since 2010, Teapot Trust has supported over 14, 000 children and young people, working in hospitals, patient support groups and GPs. Art therapy is delivered one to one or in small peer support groups.

Art therapy from Teapot Trust was life changing for Neve and my family at the height of her diagnosis and treatment. As a small charity, just a little goes such a long way to change the lives of young people struggling to cope with their chronic invisible illness. I want every family who needs the transformative support of Teapot Trust's art therapy to be able to access when they need it.

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To contribute to Teapot Trust's services, I'm raising funds and awareness by taking on the Fred Whitton Challenge. Riding over a 112 mile route in the Lake District, with gradients as much as 30%, this will be quite a challenge. 

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Ruth Girvan