I have decided to fundraise for the Teapot Trust because they have helped me so much over the past year.
Last year, I was referred by the royal hospital for children Glasgows rheumatology department when I was having a “flare up" of my condition. I was attending a lot of hospital appointments every week. I was finding it hard to communicate with the doctors and nurses but when I went to art therapy, this completely changed.
Having someone to talk to whilst doing art to express my feelings was amazing . I had a lot of questions for the rheumatology team but I just didn’t know how to get them across. My art therapist Patricia is amazing. She has not only made me feel more confident about coming to hospital, but has also helped me share my views to the doctors and nurses.
This is why I want to help and support this charity for the amazing work they do, but also to raise awareness of invisible illnesses and help other children like me with chronic conditions. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. And remember, every penny counts. Thank you.

Olivia Fraser